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Mary Berry


My husband and I have been waiting to have a King bed in our home.  This bed is fabulous. It expanded quickly and sits nicely on our platform frame. My husband has had a nagging back pain for months and after just 2 nights sleeping on this mattress he noticed a difference in how his back was feeling. We are so pleased with our purchase and enjoying a good nights sleep and feeling better!

Frank McIntosh


I love this mattress. I am sleeping great! At first it was to firm at first, but I flipped the middle section and it was perfect.  Not only that it was cheaper than other mattresses in the stores and most online. I am glad I bought it and am getting another one for the spare bedroom for my in-laws when they visit.

Ryan Chung


Thanks for the help! I had know Idea how to buy a mattress online and the support person was so nice over the phone. I learned a lot and and love the decision on buying Z-Sleep. It goes beyond what I expected and I am sleeping great!

Becky Jones


I wake up every morning with no joint pain. This bed is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever purchased. 

Happy custumer


Just Love it!

joey sondry


Bed is awesome. Only bad part about it is I just can’t get up in the morning it is too darn comfy. 

Lia Henderson


I’m incredibly impressed with our new bed. It’s been years since I’ve slept this good. It’s firm, doesn’t dip, and isn’t bulky what so ever! We had bought a new mattress less than a year ago. I was suffering from lower back and hip pain. We ordered the Z-Sleep that was here in no time, drug out our old new mattress and I wouldn’t look back for a single second. Thank you so much!

Marcus Cruz


Wow! My wife an I can have different a different firmness on our sides. I think this has helped our marriage. It is really neat! Keep up the good work!   

Bailey Dalton 


I was pretty scared to buy without trying it but with 100 days to try it how can you go wrong. I am very happy I did! I researched many mattresses and thought this was so unique that I took the chance. Thanks again.