About US

We do our best to over service and create the best-in-class products on the planet!


Our goal is to provide the best night sleep you can have without losing any sleep over the cost of your mattress purchase. We believe we have accomplished this by using materials that go beyond the best in the market and using our own manufacturing to create and sell at a wonderful price. We also would like to educate you with our decades of experience on how to get a better night’s rest.


Our Staff has decades of mattress and memory foam experience in the major retail stores, the mattress store industry and mattress manufacturing. We saw a need to create a mattress and bring it directly to the consumer from our manufacturing plants. We know memory foam and manufacture, our mattress bring the finest quality and most unique technology at the best price possible. We are not just reselling another company’s mattress or having another manufacturing company make the mattress and then reselling that mattress. If there is any issue with our products we are accountable to ourselves cutting out layers of communication and inefficiencies.