Sleeping with Dogs

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Life's Ruff!

Sleeping with your Dog may help!

There's a popular myth that sleeping with your best friend at night might not be good for you, BUT according to recent studies co-sleeping with your dog may be beneficial and not have negative impact at all! Learn more about tips and tricks for sleeping with your puppy!

Sleep better

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Is it common to sleep with your pet?

  • Latests numbers from CDC show that over 60% of American households have pets and roughly half of them share their bedroom with thier pet.
  • Ther American Kennel Club did a survey findig out that 45% of dog owners have their pet sleep in thier bed, 20% crate their pets, and 17% use a dog bed.


  • Decide where you want your pet to sleep at night before you bring them home and stay consistent
  • Invest in a mattress large enough for all people and pets with sufficient edge support and motion isolation
  • Don't bribe your pet with playtime or snacks during the night. This will lead to more times they wake you up throughout the night.
  • Establish a consistent routine for your pets: playtime, meals, sleep, etc.

Dog sleep needs

  • 12-14 Hours per day depending on size and breed
  • Larger breeds sleep more than smaller breeds
  • Puppies sleep up to 20 hours per day
  • Dogs also experience a sleep cycle just like humans, beginning with slow wave light sleep and ending with REM sleep. However, they enter REM sleep much sooner (about 10 minutes after first falling asleep compared to 90 minutes in humans), and they spend only 10 percent of their total sleep time in REM, since their sleep is often interrupted by activity or noise. Humans, on the other hand, spend about 25 percent of their sleep in REM and require about 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep on average per night.


  • A larger sense of security
  • Reduced stress
  • Comfort and warmth
  • Improved emotional bond

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