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Do you sleep different every night? Do you have one position that just makes you say "Zzz". Maybe you do! While the Z-Sleep Mattress has customizable zones to help you and your sleeping partner facilitate the best sleeping environment for your's important to know more about each position. We've conducted a study that tests the pros and cons of each basic sleep position. See what works best for you!

Back Sleeper

Back Sleep Position

Simple Back Sleeping Facts

  • Arms by your side - Research suggests you may be more quiet/kept to yourself, and may expect a lot from yourself/others. (8% of the population sleeps on their back with arms by their side)
  • Arms by your head - Research suggests you may be more likely to be a good listener and wish to be the center of attention (5% of the population sleeps on their back with arms by their head)

Back Sleeping Pros

  • Your head, neck, and spine are in a neutral position - less likely to experience neck pain
  • Alleviates heartburn when on your back with your head slightly elevated

Back Sleeping Cons

  • May cause lower back pain
  • Can make back pain worse
  • Makes sleep apnea or snoring worse

Back Sleeping Tips

  • Put a couple of pillows behind your head to help with snoring
  • Put a pillow under your knees to keep the natural curve of your back

Side Sleeping Position

Simple Side Sleeping Facts 

  • Fetal position (curled up) - Research suggests you may be more likely to be warm, friendly, sensitive, with a protective shell around you (more than 40% of the population sleeps like this) (Mostly females)
  • Log position (legs and arms down) - Research suggests you may be more likely to be social, easygoing, and trustworthy (15% of the population sleeps like this)
  • Yearner (arms out in front) - Research suggests you may be more likely to be open-minded but suspicious and stubborn about sticking to a decision once you've made it (13% of the population sleeps like this)

Side Sleeping Pros

  • Spooning - lowers your stress, bonds you to your partner, and helps you go to sleep faster
  • Best for snoring 
  • Best for back pain - relieves pressure off of your hips/back 
  • Healthier and more comfortable for pregnancies - sleeping on you left side has also proven to get more nutrients to your baby.
  • Alleviates Insomnia and Chronic Sleep Deprivation

Side Sleeping Cons

  • If you have arthritis this sleeping position may make you sore
  • Curling up on your side can prevent you from breathing deeply
  • Sleeping on your right side increases the risk of stillbirth in pregnant women
  • Sleeping with your hands under your pillow may cause pins and needles

Side Sleeping Tips

  • Put a pillow between your legs
  • When Pregnant - put a pillow under your belly or between your legs to help with back pain

Stomach Sleeping Position

Simple Stomach Sleeping Facts

  • 7% of the population sleeps on their stomach
  • Research suggests you may be more likely to speak your mind, more social, and not very open to criticsm 

Stomach Sleeping Pros

  • Benefits those suffering from sleep apnea 

Stomach Sleeping Cons

  • More restless, toss and turn frequently
  • Can straing lower back and neck

Stomach Sleeping Tips

  • Use a very soft pillow
  • Use a low pillow

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