Men and Women Sleep Differences

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Men VS. Women

Men and Women Sleep Differences

Find youself wanting a more firm or soft sleep surface than your partner? While Z-Sleep mattress helps you cutomze your side, sleep differences don't stop there. Biologically men and women sleep differently. Learn what those are and how they apply to you.

Sleep better

With our customizable, luxurious mattress you'll be comforted to each of you and your partner's specific needs. Sleep with custom comfort on a mattress that provides ultimate relief.


Circadian clocks

Circadian clocks help govern sleep times and wake times, rhythms if you will.

  • Women's clocks are set earlier then men - meaning they will fall asleep and wake earlier. This also means women are more receptable to activity earlier in the day.
  • Women's circadian cycles ar emuch shorter than mens by 6 minutes. Over time these minutes can add up and have a great impact on energy levels during the day and sleep during the night.
  • Women have internal clocks proven to run a full cycle in less than a day

Sleep Deprivation

  • Women perform better on lack of sleep.
  • Women have shown to rebound more quickly after restorative sleep.
  • Receive more sleep benefits early in life but sleep deteriorates after age 40.

Main sleep differences

  • Women spend more time in deep sleep than men. This deep sleep is restorative and memory boosting.
  • Women are more suseptible to sleep disorders and health risks linked to sleep deprivation.
    • This is mostly because hormonal shifts, such as: menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause are linked to more disruptions during sleep.

10 Tips for Sleeping Next to Someone

  1. Upgrade your actual cuddlebuddy - Get a body pillow. Body pillows provide much better suport for side sleepers and don't wake you with natural living tendancies that might keep you awake, such as: snoring, moving, body heat, etc.
  2. Make sure you each have an exit stratgey - Move your bed so that there is enough room for you both to get up in case you need to use the restroom, get some water, etc.
  3. Invest in a big enough bed - You need space to change sleep positions, breathe, basically sleep comfortably.
  4. Upgrade your mattress for adjustability and comfort - Z-Sleep is an affordable way to get custom adjustable side for each side of your mattress while providing top quality memory foam so motion tranfer will not disturb either of you.
  5. Go for a cooling mattress - Every body gives off body heat, add too into a tight living space you both are sure to burn up and get no sleep.
  6. Try the Nite hood - Eye masks are great to block our light but this night hood is comortable with no pressure on your eyelids, no adjustment needed, is light and breathable.
  7. Try soft breathable sheets - Cooling sheets is also a plus for the super sweaty couple.
  8. Separate blankets - No blanket movement, ensured coverage, choice of fabric.
  9. Ear plugs - Especially useful if your partner snores or suffers from sleep apnea.
  10. Cuddle time - Sometimes cuddling while sleeping is just not ideal for a good night's rest so try saving cuddling for movies.

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