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Feng Shui All Day

Feng Shui Helps Sleep

"Feng Shui helps create a space with healing and nurturing energy in one's bedroom, a space that promotes sleep and relaxation, as well as sexual and emotional healing." says Rodika Tchi, a feng shui consultant based in Vancouver.

Sleep better

“When a bedroom has good feng shui, the nervous system can relax and we enter into a place of love and safety, which are very important for a good night sleep.” Rodika Tchi


Bed Guidelines

  • Solid Headboard
  • Good Mattress
  • Good Frame Height (no underneath storage)

Bed Placement

  • Never place where your head is below a window (your head needs extra protection)
  • Commanding Position - furthest from your door/diagonally (you should be able to see your door but never be in line with your door)
  • Point bed away that have electrical appliances on them

Bed positioning

  • A strong, supporting wall behind your bed (creates strong protective energy)
  • Paint this wall a strong accent color that matches your decor for added strength

balance and smooth energy

  • Keep your bed balanced with two of the same nightstands on either side of your bed
  • Sa Chi - be sure there are no sharp angles pointing at your bed


  • Limit exposure to electronic appliances in the bedroom.
  • Try replacing your electrical alarm clock for a battery-operated one. This significantly lowers harmful EMFs .
  • Unplug everything if possible.

Leave work at work

  • Your bedroom should be used for only two things: sleeping and sex.

  • Work shouldn't be brought to bed, whether it be documents or reading e-mails on your laptop.

Let your bedroom breathe

  • Open up windows for fresh air and sunlight.

  • "Smudging"- burning sage to clear stagnant vibes.

  • Diffuse essential oils to purify the air.

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